Venture Jobs Foundation knows that jobs are key to combating poverty, and small businesses are the prime driver of job creation. They deploy funds and programs that fund small business growth, but needed the help of The Cause Collaborative to launch the marketing, communications, and annual event that would spread the word about their admirable mission.



The goal of Venture Jobs Foundation (VJF) is to alleviate poverty by investing in small businesses that bring new jobs to low-income neighborhoods, including clients who focus on hiring people with barriers to employment. VJF accomplishes this through a mix of unconventional programs, such as micro-lending to businesses that do not have ready access to commercial lenders, and crowdfunding for regional projects. In exchange, they ask loan recipients to commit to creating a certain number of new jobs at the low- to mid-skill level, and to repay loans so they can recycle capital and continue doing good.

The Cause Collaborative firmly believed that Venture Jobs needed to be louder and clearer in telling their story, and share how they were giving people second chances, revitalizing neighborhoods, and making a lasting impact on the community. They also needed to educate the Rochester community on exactly how impact investing could brighten the future of our city.



Our team worked alongside VJF staff to launch an annual event in Rochester, theming it the Prosperity Conference and highlighting the goal of impacting job growth, investing in change, and imagining a legacy city. The Cause Collaborative developed the conference name, identity, branding, and digital and printed communications, and assisted with event planning and day-of management. Experts in impact investing from around the nation came together for inspiring and informed discussions around what works, what’s possible, and what we can all do to create a brighter economic future for everyone.

In 2018, the third year of the event, Capitalism Rochester partnered with VJF to elevate the Prosperity Conference to a full-day Inclusive Prosperity Conference, introducing a teaching aspect to give attendees actionable guidance on impact investing. The big idea was to teach entrepreneurs and organizations where to put their dollars to help bring back a booming Rochester.

continuing the collaboration

While the annual conference brings together experts in impact investing, we recommended that VJF expand their reach with a new campaign and a more community-facing event. Coming soon, Venture Jobs Foundation will launch new initiatives to get more of the community involved, engaged, and creating impact.


Venture Jobs Foundation now has an established, recognizable identity in the community, and an annual event that continues to grow. The last conference gathered dozens of sponsors and doubled its attendees from the first year. We look forward to continuing discussions around impact investing in the Greater Rochester Region with new audiences in 2019.