Launching a zero waste solutions company in Rochester comes with a unique set of challenges — and The Cause Collaborative was up to the task. From naming and branding, to establishing an online presence, to recommending strategies for continued growth, we took an innovative company from its beginnings to an unstoppable future.



With a small staff and no identity in the community, a zero waste solutions company needed direction to match its big ideas.  The company needed to carve out a space throughout Rochester and Western New York, working with schools, restaurants, community festivals, and businesses to implement zero waste education and events, as well as composting programs and compostable packaging. They approached The Cause Collaborative for help creating a plan and identity.



We started by meeting with their business partners so we could fully understand their story and be able to communicate it effectively. Then we got to work crafting their identity and strategy.

An organization driven by environmental stewardship needed a powerful name. We landed on Impact Earth, and helped them put words to what they care deeply about and do for the world. They had an array of marketing strategies unique to their different business sectors that needed names as well — ZW Events, ZW Schools, ZW Food Service, and ZW Consulting (with ZW for Zero Waste). In addition to their name and sector identities, we gave them a logo, business cards, and fresh new website, complete with a photoshoot suite of team headshots and a downloadable infographic that breaks down what’s organic and what’s not. We also launched them on social media so they could further spread their mission, ideas, and content.

With their look and feel solidified, we helped them continue to increase awareness in the community. We armed them with recommendations on everything from organizational development to public service campaigns, so they could sustain and grow with the demand and need for zero waste solutions. Our recommendation for a Community Farmers Market network allowed Impact Earth to branch out into the farmers market community, and they now tap into these public spaces to talk about and teach zero waste concepts through kiosks.


Since its incorporation, Impact Earth has grown from a staff of one to four, moved into an office space at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s business incubator, Venture Creations, and expanded their partnerships. They have worked with large corporations on zero waste auditing and practices, signed local restaurants and businesses to create zero waste efforts from packaging to events, and realistically set sights on creating zero waste farmers markets in Rochester by 2020.