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There are strong efforts across our community to support children and families, but more work to be done to promote “whole child health,” a holistic view of children’s health that includes physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and mental/behavioral health. The Greater Rochester Health Foundation needed a way to foster better cross-sector understanding about the promotion of children’s social and emotional health, and about prevention efforts that can help reduce systemic barriers. We helped them launch the Raising Resilience Summit, a day full of collaboration and planning to support the whole child.


The Greater Rochester Health Foundation (GRHF) is tasked with addressing community concerns about an inadequate system of prevention and care for children with social and emotional issues. GRHF convened the Greater Rochester Initiative for Children’s Social and Emotional Health Implementation Task Force to challenge the status quo and inspire actions that will improve the social and emotional health of children throughout the region. As a group of cross-sector community representatives from medical, education, mental health, community-based, and funding organizations, the Implementation Task Force knew collaboration was key to truly move the needle. McDougall Communications facilitated the Implementation Task Force and brought us in to help them create a platform that would bring all the right community partners to the table.


In January of 2018, we assisted the GRHF with branding and executing the Raising Resilience Summit at St. John Fisher College. The Summit brought together leaders from multiple professional disciplines to advance a comprehensive approach to promoting the social and emotional health of children and their families. The full-day discussion-based event featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, and working sessions encouraging collaboration to plan and build cross-sector trauma prevention actions.


The Summit was an inspiring day of storytelling, data sharing, and planning for action. Its collaborative nature made action steps attainable for attendees, who were able to consider the big picture of children’s health and wellness. The Cause Collaborative provided thoughtful event décor and design that hinted to the growth that’s possible when we work together. Program materials continue to be accessed on the website built for the event.