top 3 ways our clients are integral to the success of our projects

We truly couldn’t do it without them: our clients; essentially half of our team. We confidently have the event management, marketing strategy, external relations, and creative design roles, down solid. But there are a few things we need, making our clients our go-to project partners. It’s our job to pull them in and incorporate them into The Cause Collaborative team. A collaborative project is the only way to go! 

Here are the top 3 ways our clients are integral to the success of our projects:

1. they are our subject matter experts

Nonprofit and mission-driven organizations are often very lean; there are a few key folks responsible for dozens of efforts. We notice plenty of “all-hands-on-deck” events and campaigns where it really doesn’t matter what your title is, if you’re in the organization, you’re on the project. So it’s easy to see how working so closely on so many things, makes our clients experts in their field. They get to know their mission, clientele, demographics, and donor base very well because they live it day in and day out. 

This knowledge is like gold to us — we’ll take every precious nugget!  We do as much research as we can prior to meeting with any prospective client. But there’s only so much you can find out from websites and social media. If we are fortunate enough to get to work with someone, we dig even deeper in our discovery session during the initiation phase. Yes, we even give our new clients homework to complete prior to this meeting. It gives us a chance to brainstorm all those nitty-gritty things we really want to know about the organization, how they work, what they do, who they do it for, and why they do it. And it gives our clients the opportunity to think about and articulate the answers. We’ve had several clients admit that this part of the project really made them stop and think. 

As with any project, having a few subject matter experts handy all the way through to the end is key. As creativity flows it’s important to have someone close to the content to get feedback from and move forward. 

2. they know the business objectives

This is another important piece at the outset of a project. Our clients have access to the business objectives for the organization. We have to rely on them to communicate it to us so that we can make sure our project’s scope aligns with those objectives. And unfortunately, sometimes business objectives shift and projects need to adjust. Checking in and making sure that we are continuing down the right path is a must and quick, clear communication is vital. 

Some examples of information we have to get directly from our clients:

  • What is the ultimate goal of this effort?

  • Who must approve the budget?

  • Who must approve design decisions?

  • Does one person have the ultimate say on something?

  • Do we have a timeframe that must be met? And for what reason?

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3. they have the passion

This is the real reason we love working with our clients so much. They have the passion. Our clients generally come to us to get their story out to the right people so they can keep driving the mission and continuing to do good work. We love that. When you’re in the midst of a project, with tasks and deadlines, getting that reminder of the “why” we’re all putting in the effort is true motivation. Whether it’s touring Ronald McDonald House for the first time, interviewing Compeer participants for a video or having your monthly status meeting at Lollypop Farm and visiting the animals, we get a sense for how dedicated and “all in” our clients are. It’s inspirational, keeps us moving and helps us turn up the creativity, creating some amazing results!

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Let’s partner up! You bring the subject matter expertise, business goals, and passion and we’ll do the rest!