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slowing down to dig in — why it matters to a mission-driven org

Often we find ourselves challenged to get a whole lot done in a short period of time at work and in our personal lives. The combination of the two can really affect the quality of just how well we achieve each task on our to-do-list. We can spread ourselves too thin and find ourselves juggling everything on our plate the best we can, with each deliverable’s outcome getting to only half the potential of what it could be. The pressure of wearing many hats is evident in the nonprofit sector — and checking things off our to-do list can give a false sense of accomplishment and feed the do-er in all of us. 

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new grounds: how interns have evolved from coffee makers to changemakers

Shoutout to the college students and recent grads: Let's face it, the term “intern” can sometimes bring to mind visions of making coffee or fixing printers. But now more than ever, interns are given opportunities to make a big impact on real projects. In this post, our Events Intern, Zach Picardo, breaks down how to get the most out of a marketing internship.

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