cause marketing: how for-profits can get involved and do more good


Do more good is not just the motto here at The Cause Collab. It’s also the expectation we have for community and corporate partners in Rochester and beyond. Cause marketing is when a for-profit company launches a marketing or promotional campaign that directly ties to the benefit of a selected nonprofit. In our world of local nonprofits and boots on the ground grassroots work, we have seen the impact it can make on both the corporate and nonprofit.

Here’s how both big and small cause marketing initiatives can make a difference (especially with the holiday season upon us!):

Reap Benefits Beyond Dollars

Making a donation is a clear way a corporate partner can showcase their social responsibility. For small businesses who might not have the opportunity to write the big check, there are still ways to tie your organization to a cause.

Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care is an environmentally friendly lawn care company located in Rochester, NY. They frequently donate and rent out (at a highly discounted rate!) lush plants and trees for nonprofit events in exchange for name recognition throughout the event and most importantly near the floral décor and plant installations. This donation goes a long way by saving the nonprofit thousands of dollars on floral arrangements and putting Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care in front of an audience that’s philanthropic and engaged with their surroundings.

Show the Love

When a company supports a nonprofit organization, they are doing feel good work that can also attract new customers whose values and passions align with their philanthropy. Take Subaru for example. The Subaru Love Promise creates a connection between a car company and making the world a better place. The Subaru Love Promise has received countless awards for community commitment and dedication to customers. This cause marketing campaign shows that the car buying experience can mean more than just a new vehicle in your driveway — it has the possibility to stand for your personal connection to the Earth, helping pets, leading a healthy life, preventing hunger, and promoting education.

Create a Little Magic

Corporate partnerships and cause marketing campaigns have the potential to make a significant impact on local and national nonprofits. When we see each other as collaborators to do more good for our communities, schools, youth, elders, pets, and more, we are able to create magic and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Are you a company or corporation looking to do more good? Drop us a line and we can find a nonprofit partner that aligns with your organization.

Lauren HearyCause Marketing