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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester Catholic Schools offer families across Greater Rochester and beyond more than an academic experience — but many families weren’t aware that they had many schools to choose from that bring community, service, and values to a stimulating, inspiring learning environment. The Cause Collaborative elevated the schools’ marketing approach and took them from negative enrollment to a notable increase.



When The Cause Collaborative first approached Rochester Catholic Schools, they were marketing each of their 18 Catholic schools separately. Without a united front, there was a lack of community awareness around the faith- and value-based educational experience that students and families could expect.



Research told us that promoting the Catholic Schools as a unified school district would increase awareness and credibility among families. We recommended that the Diocese build up marketing as such, focusing on the message that their system offered the best education you could get throughout the Greater Rochester, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier regions.

We shot a commercial with a script all about the transformative educational experience and the widespread reach the Catholic Schools have across counties, helping parents understand that they have choices — and that Rochester Catholic Schools offer something missing from other private and public schools: a commitment to community service.

The Diocese had an annual golf tournament to raise funds for families in need of financial assistance during times of exceptional hardship, but had not leveraged an opportunity to tell the story of the tournament’s mission in the branding of the event. In 2015, we helped them make it clear that the event was driven to reduce education hardship — and in 2018, we added a game component. The first-ever Golf and Games: Benefitting Education Hardship was a huge success, raising tens of thousands of dollars for families in a day full of golf, lawn games, raffles, food, and fun. We anticipate even more funds next year, with plans for expanded games and sponsorship opportunities.

continuing the collaboration

The Cause Collaborative continues to bring ideas to the table for the Diocese of Rochester Catholic Schools to not only operate but sustain themselves. We’ve expanded our relationship to include program recommendations — such as the Family Ambassador Program, which is a referral program across all 18 schools that offers a $500 tuition credit to both the new and referring family.


Our marketing efforts paid off in a substantial bump in enrollment across Monroe County, meaning more students and families will benefit from the exceptional educational experience at the Catholic Schools. In addition to the overall bump in enrollment, close to 100 new families have signed up as a result of the Family Ambassador Program.