We don’t just care — we get stuff done. The exact steps we take depend on your cause, but these seven phases reflect our general approach:  


DISCOVER: come to the table

A great storyteller doesn’t just start writing — they begin by diving in and getting to know everything they need to find an original angle, connect with their audience, and make a lasting impact. For us, that means listening to you and kickstarting the collaboration. We’ll dig into your objectives, target audience, and differentiators — what makes you uniquely you. It’s about understanding your background, identifying key insights, and uncovering opportunities.

Plan Blue.png

Plan: Chart our path

We take what we found out and start to map out a plan, detailing every step and action item that needs to get done to achieve your goals. It’s about more than considering your timeline and how we can stretch your budget — it’s also getting the ball rolling with the community partners, resources, and external forces that align with your mission. We apply our strategic point of view and think through how to turn your objectives into reality, as seamlessly and powerfully as possible.

Collect Blue.png

Collect: curate your story

We’re almost to the deliverables. Before we can put structure to the strategy, we do more digging. It’s kind of like a Discover Part 2, but approached through the lens of our strategic vision. We collect the stories, quotes, photos, assets, and more — everything that already exists or needs to be teased out, so we’re staying true to where you’ve been while continuing to make progress.


Build Blue.png

Build: create a little magic

Here comes the really fun part. Now we have everything we need to bring the strategy to life, and it’s time to let our creativity shine. Whether the end product is an event, a video, an application, or an integrated campaign, this is where the rubber meets the road. Cue the sketches, scripts, and storyboards. Get ready for killer copy, inspiring imagery, and amazing attention to detail. Everything we’ve planned for is put in motion, and in the end it’s magical.


Launch Blue.png

Launch: carry it through

Your baby takes flight. That’s the day of your event, the start of your campaign, the debut of your video… This is when you sit back and enjoy, and we kick into overdrive to ensure everything goes off without a hitch — we’re checking and double-checking every last detail, fine-tuning on the fly, and guaranteeing you’re only hit with happy surprises. All the plans come to fruition, and you’re already enjoying some pats on the back. Be proud!


Analyze Blue.png

analyze: communicate results

We put on some fun events, but nothing we do is ever just for the fun of it. When the day is done and the campaign is wrapped, we report on your results. We’ll regroup to go through the nitty-gritty numbers, coverage earned, engagement captured, and all progress against your goals. But we don’t stop at the good — we look for opportunities to optimize, so next time is an even bigger success story.


Celebrate Blue.png

Celebrate: cHeers to Success

High fives all around! Now we can truly bask in the glory of a productive partnership. We hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.